First-Time Parents? Meet Riddhi Deorah – The Certified Parenting Coach

First-Time Parents Meet Riddhi Deorah – The Certified Parenting Coach
Riddhi Deorah

Some people take tennis or violin lessons. Have you ever heard of parenting lessons? Yes, it’s there and it’s effective, and the value you get from it is priceless. For the first time parents, when people see you out in public wrangling your kids, looking exhausted and dead in the eyes, do you often hear remarks like, “You’ve sure got your hands full” or “Bless you.”? Do you often feel like you’re drowning? Relax! Meet Riddhi Deorah, mother of a 5-year-old, a certified parenting coach, and an adored influencer.

Parenting coaches are emerging as a new way for parents to gain support for a variety of parenting issues. Unlike psychotherapists who treat diagnosed mental health conditions, coaches behave more like consultants. They provide tools, ideas, and support without treating underlying issues, like ADHD or depression.

Entrepreneur Riddhi Deorah is the founder of Easy Parenting Hub, a community of parents who are focused on learning and evolving each day. As members of the community, they believe that there is no such thing as being a perfect parent and that everybody can be a learner. According to Riddhi, parenting is all about being vulnerable and having the courage to accept our mistakes, while rectifying and learning from them. The community is focused on raising responsible independent children who make their own choices and take responsibility for their actions. They employ a holistic approach to parenting and also share information on other aspects like stress management, food recipes, and the best books to read to your children.

Riddhi, as a parenting coach has her unique style of approach which enables parents to raise kids with love and affection. She endeavors to guide the parents in creating a healthy, happy, and balanced family life by working on improved communication & relationship between parents and children. She also has a wide range of parenting perspectives and techniques covering toddler and teenage segments which guide parents in developing their skills in adapting to best practices and strategies to improve child behavior and performance at home, in school, and life.

Riddhi is the type of person you feel comfortable talking to about various issues be it about parenting or life. She develops an open and honest relationship which is an essential first step in finding someone who can help you reach your goals. Such a caring personality she is! No wonder she has garnered more than 155K followers over her Instagram handle. Her being a creative influencer is the sole reason thousands of people join her whenever she comes live on Instagram! Her content is engaging and makes the audience want more! She has been invited to many talk shows to speak on her experiences as an entrepreneur as well as a parenting cum life coach.

It is a fact that with the advent of social media platforms, the number of Influencers has been ever-growing but not many influencers can make a substantial mark on society as much as Riddhi has! As we all know, success doesn’t come easy. It was a roller coaster ride for Riddhi as well. She is someone who belongs to a middle-class family with a dream of achieving something big in life. She had to focus on balancing her marital as well as professional lives. Riddhi is an economist turned fashion designer and now the founder of Easy Parenting Hub.

“I intend to make parenting not just an easy but also an enriching experience for the parents,” says Riddhi.

It is always a question of how efficiently an influencer can help people. Riddhi Deorah has cracked the theory on how to help people. She believes there’s no already set or fixed age to be a successful person. She has been quoted as saying, “We all are different and with this difference, our paths are different too, we should not feel insecure because of the success we see in others. Money cannot buy class and only when you work hard will you understand the value of the things you own today.”

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