Fit India ambassador Anmol Sachdeva is bringing a wind of change in the Indian fitness industry

Fit India ambassador Anmol Sachdeva is bringing a wind of change in the Indian fitness industry
Anmol Sachdeva

Lifestyle changes, Physical fitness and spirituality – Anmol Sachdeva is opening up new realms of fitness and health in India

Anmol Sachdeva is a fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur and the national ambassador of the Fit India movement and the founder of ‘Aesthetics by Anmol’. It is an organization which provides personalised transformation plans include things like customised Diet plans, workout routine, supplements list, homemade recipes, progress tracking and other detailed assistance like what to eat on vacation or when at a party. Anmol founded the organisation in 2021 and they have grown in leaps and bounds over the last one year, making a significant difference to the lives of number of Indians.

Anmol is planning to take the fitness industry of the country to the next level. India, the country who gifted Yoga to the world has forgotten its roots and Anmol aims to unearth our ancient spiritual glory. Besides a healthy body, fitness has a wide spectrum which engulfs our mind spiritually. Anmol plans to cultivate the broader spectrum of fitness and provide a detailed plan which includes physical fitness along with mental health and spirituality.

Speaking on his plans ahead, Anmol says – “I have been a coach for close to 8 years now and I realise that just physical transformation is not enough to lead a healthy life. We need to balance our exercises out with our overall lifestyle routines to get the best results. We all are products of nature and we need to be in tune with nature and that’s exactly where the aspect of spirituality comes in.”

Anmol continues to follow his dreams and ambitions passionately and transform the lives of people through his own fitness-based business organization. He works gard to provide more exposure to the young fitness enthusiasts of the country, guiding them towards the right direction – something which lacked while he was growing up as a young boy.

It is certainly heartening to see young, motivated individuals like Anmol making a positive difference in the lives of numerous Indians. We certainly wish him the best for his future endeavours!

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