Historic Medical Milestone: South Gujarat Witnesses First-Ever Device Closure for Aorto-Pulmonary (AP) Window Congenital Heart Disease

Life-Saving Procedure Marks Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Day

Surat (Gujarat) [India]: In a groundbreaking medical achievement, the first-ever device closure for Aortopulmonary (AP) window congenital heart disease was successfully performed in South Gujarat by Dr. Snehal Patel, Director of Baby Beats Heart Centre, led the historic procedure in the cath lab.

Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Day, observed on February 14 alongside Valentine’s Day, gained a profound significance this year as medical experts pushed the boundaries of treatment in the region. AP window is an exceptionally rare heart condition affecting one in every one lac children, with a staggering 40% mortality rate within the first year if left untreated.

The medical breakthrough came to light when a 2-year-old child, suffering from recurrent respiratory tract infections and inadequate weight gain, was diagnosed with an AP window, a substantial hole in the heart. Traditionally, such cases required open-heart surgery, but in this instance, the decision was made to opt for device closure in the cath lab.

Unlike the conventional method that involves a lengthy 4 to 5-hour open-heart surgery with a large incision, the device closure procedure, performed by Dr. Snehal Patel, was completed within one hour. Using a Cocoon muscular VSD device, the AP window was closed through a puncture of just 2 millimeters, eliminating the need for sternal incision and manual manipulation. The patient, weighing only 8 kg, was successfully discharged on the fourth day after spending a day in the hospital.

AP window is a critical congenital heart condition, and timely intervention is imperative. Until recently, open-heart surgery was the primary method of treatment, but the advancement in medical technology has paved the way for device closure, offering a faster, less invasive, and equally effective alternative.

Dr. Snehal Patel’s pioneering work in the cath lab marks a significant step forward in pediatric cardiac care in South Gujarat, providing hope and a new lease of life for children born with congenital heart diseases.

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