In The First Year Fiasco, Angandeep Kr. Chatterjee Delves Deep into the Mysterious World of a Fun Engineering College

In The First Year Fiasco Angandeep Kr. Chatterjee Delves Deep into the Mysterious World of a Fun Engineering College

Monsoon has finally hit the Indian subcontinent. While sunshine is excellent, a rainstorm gives the book nerds a perfect opportunity to cancel all their plans and spend more time on the couch reading their favourite books. Moreover, a gloomy rainy day is the ideal setting to indulge in some spooky, suspenseful, and nail-biting thrillers. So, if you want to spend your next lazy rainy day reading something that fits the mood, writer Angandeep Kr. Chatterjee has brought his mystery marvel, The First Year Fiasco.

Angandeep Kr. Chatterjee is an engineer by profession and a writer by passion. An IT engineer and self-taught novelist, Angandeep has mastered the art of writing the perfect mystery thriller that keeps the readers on edge throughout the entire book. Like many other Bengali middle-class kids, he has grown up with an insatiable hunger for books. He used to spend his Durga Pujas waiting for and skimming through Sharadiya kids magazines, an integral part of every Bengali kid’s childhood. However, his love for writing and strorytelling abilities made him different from other kids. Besides reading, he used to spend a lot of time writing stories, most of which ended up in his dark trunk in his store room. He never realized that writing was his first love until he started his professional career as an engineer. So, he began writing again, this time to be read and not to end up in a store room.

Angandeep’s latest venture, The First Year Fiasco, is set in a suburban engineering college – Panagarh Institute of Engineering & Management – and the novel revolves around its central protagonist Aratrika Roy, a first-year engineering student at the institute. The story begins when Panagarh Institute of Engineering & Management welcomes its First-year batch of engineering student. Aratrika is one of the newly-admitted students. A young and enthusiastic engineering student, Aratrika joined the residential hostel of the institute just like others to enjoy every bit of college life and the independence it brings along with it. But, as she is exploring her newly found freedom, things begin to change suddenly following the disappearance of a fellow student on campus and the death of a professor.

Aratrika is yet to cope with the sudden turn of the entire situation when she witnesses a questionable person entering the girl’s hostel late at night and sees the same person being followed by a suspicious shadow. Things quickly become dark as the same shadow is seen again after midnight inside the girl’s hostel, trying to steal something. Finally, the police arrives, and an investigation gets launched.

However, Aratrika, a detective fiction fangirl, decides to look into the matter herself and unravel the mystery behind all of these. Her efforts to come up with an answer lead her to discover something that she should never have in the first place. She learns the hard way that appearances can be deceptive.

What does she discover? Will she ever find out the real identity of the dangerous killer on campus? What happens to the disappeared students? How are hundreds of students’ lives at the college affected by all these incidents? Unfortunately, you have to read The First Year Fiasco to answer all these questions.

Angandeep Kr Chatterjee is the author of The Thanksgiving Revenge, featured in the October 2020 issue of Ariel Chart Magazine and The Game Of Time, published by Black Hare Press. Both are one-time finalists each for the Storytelling contests– Inspitale and the 2020 TU-Dublin-Short-Story-Competition. Angandeep is back again with his The First Year Fiasco to take his audience on another mystery ride.

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