Kashmir based organization working for betterment of the society under supervision of Swami Priyam Ji

Kashmir based organization working for betterment of the society under supervision of Swami Priyam Ji

The Youth Civil Society is an NGO working since 2018. Its motto is working for the betterment of the people of Kashmir. It has a reach in every part of our society and is working for the goodwill of Kashmir. It is the largest Non-political organization working on peace and brotherhood.

The chief patron of Youth Civil Society Kashmir is Swami Priyam Ji. Swami ji is known for his immense knowledge of Vedas and other religious texts and belongs to the very small town of Buxar in Bihar. The history of Buxar dates back even prior to the period of Ramayanas and sages like Swami Priyam ji. Blessed this land on the 10th of December 1998. At the age of 7 he realised his purpose and left his birthplace for a greater cause moved to Varanasi. He was very punctilious and that’s why completed his 5 years course in just 3 years and also has been awarded as the best student in his Gurukul. At that time he was enlightening himself with ancient texts like Vedas, Geeta and Upanishad. Swami ji completed his education by serving his Guruji.

Swami Priyam Ji dedicated his life to the well-being of the nation, as now he is the chief patron of YCSK.

 He always promotes the youth to work hard and serve the nation. Guruji is currently working for Kashmir, Kashmiri students and drug-free Kashmir. He will work on the drug-free Kashmir and drug-free youth he will Pay attention to the reconstruction of the old temples and the Construction of new temples in Kashmir valley. He will also give  Contribution in Coaching Centres, especially for the poor students for their bright future. He may inaugurates the free upsc coaching centres for the poor and needy students who can’t afford the expensive institutios. Sawami ji must do something against the terrorism in the valley. Terrorism is the major problem in the valley as it effects the economy, future of youth very badly. Respected Swamiji will take strict actions against the terrorism and definitely make Kashmir a terror-free valley.

At the Conclusion, We expect that Swamiji will definitely fulfil his promises and make Kashmir corruption and terrorism free.

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