Let’s know Shahad Ahmed Hassan – a popular YouTuber from the Middle-East

Let’s know Shahad Ahmed Hassan – a popular YouTuber from the Middle-East

YouTube has given a platform to all the vloggers widely throughout the globe to express what they want. Today, there is hardly someone who would not have a channel on YouTube. Whether you engage in making some travel or lifestyle related videos or videos sharing any productive work, YouTubers have gained much popularity for their respective contents. You just need to be way more creative with your content in order to stream at the top of YouTube.

Also, use of important and interesting headlines, engaging videos related to one another and moreover, consistency in vlogging is what would make you a successful YouTuber. Here, we would like to introduce you to one such popular YouTuber from Sweden – Shahad Ahmed Hassan.

Entrepreneur Shahad Ahmed Hassan is a social media influencer and content creator on YouTube. She is a well-known figure of the Middle East. The YouTube star rose to fame with her millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel. She could have chosen any topic to start her channel. But she wanted to keep it simple as ever. So she chose to depict her lifestyle creating simple and engaging video contents through her channel. The huge number of subscribers counts their lifestyle and family vlogs to be much more appealing for which the channel has so much support on it.

Born on 11th of July, 1996, Shahad is originally from Sweden. Unlike many, she also wanted to use the face of the internet to create contents that would just include her lifestyle and contents related to it. She chose YouTube to be the platform where she could upload anything that she would like to.

Shahad Ahmed Hassan gained much fame with her YouTube Channel named Shahad. She joined the journey on YouTube in the year 2019 in the month of May. She has near about 2 million subscribers on it. She has been making video contents related to beauty and make-up in much creative form. Also, if you want to hack some of the styling tips of your outfits, visit her channel where she would guide you with some of the unique styling tips. Sometimes, the YouTuber is even seen with her two cute children – her lovely daughter, Mira and Mira’s younger brother in her joyous videos. The mother-daughter-son trio is seen to be much contented and playful which is her actual life. No fakeness in it. This is the reason why Shahad’s channel has so many subscribers to it. Pure love and happiness is what she shares through her vlogging along with beauty and styling tips.

Keeping aside her YouTube videos, Shahad is also a content creator on Instagram. Her popularity has escalated much through her Instagram handle after flooding her YouTube channels. Her Instagram account has over 2 million followers getting her latest updates. She has become quite an influencer to her audience with her videos.

It was during 2021, when she was expecting her second child, Shahad thought of revealing the gender of the unborn child at the Pyramids as it is believed that it turns to a blue color when it is a boy. She with her husband, Siamand along with their daughter, Mira, headed towards the Pyramids to throw a grand party revealing the child to be a boy. With many plans of turning it to be remarkable day for her and Siamand, they gathered at the Pyramids. Several people were invited to the grand event.

The family stood in front of the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt and started the countdown of their revealing. The light show began to play projecting onto the site of the pyramids and other ancient structures. The entire site turned blue following the countdown which indicated a boy child. With it, Shahad Ahmed Hassan became the first YouTuber ever to make a gender revelation inside the Pyramids. The news got viral all throughout and got covered in several popular and renowned magazines. People from all around the world came to know about this great happening.

The great event at the Pyramids was much appreciated by the general masses. Shahad even posted a video on her YouTube Channel entitling the video as ‘First Gender Reveal Party held at the Pyramids’. Her video went viral as it attracted views of over 5 million making it something big. People all around who came to know about the incident liked her creative idea to reveal the gender of her child through such grand and unique way. The YouTuber claims that as a content creator she needed to search ways in the most innovative manner to create video contents so that you receive the love of yor followers and audience. The 2021 party at the Pyramids would remain a memorable day for her and she is to cherish it forever.

The social media influencer and YouTuber has turned into a businesswoman who has collaborated with worldwide famous brands.She has shown interests for reading, photography, learning, travelling and internet surfing. Not all YouTubers or social media influencers gain this milestone in popularity by sharing their lifestyle and interests. But Shahad has proven the mere importance of family over anything and simplicity overall through her influencing contents.

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