Motorglaze looks to appoint Channel Partners and Franchises Pan India -says Owner Mr Ravi Nandrajog

Motorglaze looks to appoint Channel Partners and Franchises Pan India -says Owner Mr Ravi Nandrajog

Leading a life with values and ethics has become a task in today’s time. The cutting edge competitiveness has taken a toll on the basic moralities of humans. Yet, the world remains beautiful and worth living because of a few people. The contributions made by them towards the upliftment of the society make living easier for others.

Ravi O Nandrajog is among those really few visionaries and leading entrepreneurs who still hold on to strong moral characters in their day-to-day practices. Ravi O Nandrajog, a resident of the financial capital city Mumbai in Maharashtra is determined to live his life based on principles that he defines for himself. Indeed, a man of values and hard work knows that what he chose for himself does not come easy. Hence, he accepts the challenges openheartedly and keeps moving forward.


With a combination of Experience, Knowledge, Skill, Talent, Ravi O Nandrajog today is a leading entrepreneur who is a known name for his own Motorglaze brand which is into manufacturing of Nanotechnology ceramic coatings, spray ceramic coatings and car maintenance products. These products are specifically formulated in India for varied Indian climate.

Motorglaze products are mostly water-based and Acid-free which ensures no damage to the cars and environment while cleaning or polishing.

Coming from a core engineering background he pursued his passion for automobiles and music which eventually turned into his profession and today his brands Motorsounds and Motorglaze are known to be the most promising brands within the industry which took him 3 decades to build.
For years he had a dream, to train enthusiasts in-car audio installations and design and that’s when he penned down a book Motorsounds- Car Audio Simplfied during Covid 19 and today its available on Amazon.

Ravi O Nandrajog is owner at Motorsounds- Car Audio Customs with several Motorsounds franchises in India. Motorsounds is a dedicated car audio installation hub which caters all kinds of car audio requirements also providing solutions and training’s for the same, right from basic installation to high end installation.
Motorsounds is specialised for car audio custom installation. The tag line “save the world from bad sound” makes a very clear statement about the intentions behind Motorsounds.

Audio installation at motorsounds is all about technical installations and car audio upgrades in stock audio.

The Book “Motorsounds-Car Audio Simplified” is an extremely informative and well-explained book published for new graduates to audio industry experts who need to hone their skills. This book according to Mr. Ravi can be used to its maximum potential by proofreading – understanding the text written and it also has practical implications as after reading its easy for beginners as it provides first hand information and then performing a hands-on.

On speaking with Ravi O Nandrajog about Motorglaze future plans, he says the company is looking to expand and join hands with channel partners and franchises pan India with industry best offerings which will further help in income generating employment in India.

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