Anshul Mishra: Founder of Atelierish, success story

Anshul Mishra Founder of Atelierish success story
Anshul Mishra

Being an entrepreneur is not just a matter of choice but it’s a lifestyle that you live while chasing the lifestyle that you dream of.

The entire world just claws to prove themself and wait for the perfect opportunity to do so, but then there are those who make such opportunities at any given time rather than just wait or look for them. Entrepreneurs.

With the current conditions, COVID and lockdown, a sudden rise has been seen in the entrepreneurial world. But one thing is for certain, When people are given the opportunity to innovate and adapt, they might surprise you with their potential for growth and adaptability. That being said, the past couple of years has brought us more entrepreneurs than the world has ever seen.

Turning these mere words into a reality, one such young entrepreneur began his hustle at a very young age and is now one of the leading young entrepreneurs of our country, Anshul Mishra.

At the age of 14 most kids are busy planning their evening playground activities,but Anshul turned towards entrepreneurship in the form of web development which opened up a path for him and took him where he is now.

At age 17, when teens are getting their hearts broken, he started his own relationship in the form of a print on demand T-shirt in Indian and Australian markets,

This was the moment when digital marketing caught his eye.

Later, during the lockdown, he spent his time learning the intricacies of the field in India, Dubai and Kuwait, then at age 19 he co-founded his agency, Atelierish.

Atelierish is a digital marketing agency working with brands around the globe to bring about the digital revolution. They follow a holistic approach towards performance marketing and help brands escalate in their market by improving their promotional and marketing pillars.

Anshul with his team has handled 80+ Indian and international clients helping them achieve great heights with both his technical and management expertise.

With his expertise and past management experience, in only 3-4 months he’s already made a name for himself in the e-commerce industry after generating over 6 figure sums of revenue every month!

After setting milestones with his agency and in the e-commerce industry, now Anshul has taken upon mentorship as his current forte, and plans on having the youth of our country to elevate themselves and be their own person.

India as a country is a magnificent place to have been brought up in, but one of its flaws lie with its education system, here we are taught to settle, to survive, here we are brought up with a job persona.

Anshul has taken it upon himself to change that aspect for as many people as he can for now he’s taken up students to teach them the art of retribution and empowerment, entrepreneurship. He’s taken students under his wing, introducing them to e-commerce making it easy and uplifting for them.

Anshul has led his life following his beliefs, 

If you can believe that you can achieve something then most of the work you need to do in order to achieve it is already done. Manifestation has been by Anshul’s side in his entrepreneurial journey for a long time now, he wholeheartedly believes that self-reflection is important but if you keep getting doubts in your capabilities then you yourself become your biggest hindrance.

In not just his personal life but also in his profession, he believes in the power of mindset, that with a strong mindset to never let go of what you yearn to achieve then nothing will seem like a problem in your journey, your biggest problems will become nothing but a hurdle in your sprint to success.

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