Poonam Rana – A multi-talented Marketing Professional and founder of Consider 11 fantasy sports platform

Poonam Rana – A multi-talented Marketing Professional and founder of Consider 11 fantasy sports platform
Poonam Rana

Fantasy sports are so much fun! In the game Consider 11, participants assemble virtual teams using real athletes from a professional sport. Players can compete on an even playing field while showcasing their skills and knowledge in this game. With one of the best fantasy sports platforms, Consider 11, you can profit based on your performance and game plan.

Consider11 is a top provider of fantasy sports, offering a variety of sports like fantasy cricket, fantasy football, and fantasy football. Sports enthusiasts will be able to earn exciting cash rewards thanks to this user-friendly platform.

Poonam Rana is a multi-talented person who has achieved success in a variety of fields over the course of her career. She developed a keen interest in marketing at a young age and has since worked for companies like Think 11. She is also well-known in the advertising sector for her expertise in marketing and her current status as an entrepreneur. She is the founder of the fantasy sports platform Consider 11.

aiming to create games that are more approachable, rewarding, and stuffed with cool features  Consider 11 stood out as one of the top fantasy cricket platforms with the quickest growth after it quickly established a devoted following, amassed a ton of popularity, and became well-known. Poonam Rana’s path was altered when she entered the world of entrepreneurship, and it’s a dream come true for her. She became the founder and CEO of her own business thanks to her passion for marketing. She has always been motivated by interacting with others and using his creativity to create things.

The games that fall under the category of fantasy cricket are authorized. On Consider11, you have the option of playing both free and paid competitions. In contrast to gambling, fantasy cricket is a skill game. Your winnings may be withdrawn and deposited into a bank account. In order to withdraw the remaining funds from your account, you must have a certain minimum balance. Additionally, with that sum, you can enter the competition for the following match and increase your winnings.

What else are you waiting for? Immediately download Consider 11, the best fantasy sports app. Play to win cash prizes every day by applying your sports knowledge. Consider 11 goes above and beyond to ensure that your time with us—from the moment you step foot in our fantasy world until you start making money—is truly exceptional. We hope you have a good time and become the best team owner.

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