Power Beam – Come let’s unleash & manifest your authentic self; Says Dr. Deepika Saini

Power Beam - Come let's unleash & manifest your authentic self; Says Dr. Deepika Saini
Dr. Deepika Saini

Dr. Deepika Saini is an Entrepreneur, Advocate, Social-activist, Management Expert, Business Coach and published Author of two books i.e. ‘’Power Beam & Super Power Author’’ who significantly focuses on issues related to women to enkindle self-reliance, child education, financial training, gender inequality and social justice/legal reforms.  Dr. Saini academically is a BBA, MBA, holds a PGDBM – Finance & Banking, and has also done Legum Baccalaureus (LLB) and Ph.D. She is a National President for Arbitration & Conciliation Council & as well as heading Indian Country chair for Digital economies & literacy. Her passion is to make India Digitally literate at the Rural & Semi-urban area. She has won several entrepreneurship, corporate and social service excellence awards.

She has a rich experience of fifteen years in Credit, Legal and Risk Management. She also brings valuable experience as a corporate strategist working with C-suit leaders for developing new business verticals and initiatives. During her career, she worked for several portfolios – System Automation, Logistics giants, IT (Hardware & Software) & Medical international Clients/Partners – representing in 100 countries worldwide, and has delivered her knowledge/expertise with client-centric approach. Dr. Deepika addresses corporates on the subjects like – Debt Collection/Recovery (B2B & B2C), Accounts Receivable, Risk Identification, Risk Assessment, Dispute Resolution and How to Risk mitigation. She is also a coach for specific topics like Positive/Negative Cash Flow, Credit Control Strategies and Delinquency Management which would enable entities to work on future prospects & synergies.

With tireless commitment to the non-profit and charitable sectors, she works with women and children in undeserved section of the society especially in Asia, supporting education, mentoring, volunteering, training & fundraising for empowerment and opportunities. A keen proponent of the network effect, she believes in developing an ecosystem of networks where different community groups, expats and diplomats, professional networks, NGO’s government bodies, corporate, schools, universities and institutional pathways can converge towards emergence of the innovative mindsets, sustainable solutions and inclusive leadership practices.  

By Supporting women worldwide in all walks of life through the power of local and global alliances, she aspires to accelerate the change and deliver lasting solutions with dialogue and diversity. Dr. Saini is committed to the quest of eliminating extreme poverty among the rural women, strengthening their participation in economic development through digital and social inclusion ensuring dignity of labour which enables them to break out from the long term poverty barrier that limits women and girls from becoming self-sustainable leaders”.

She wanted all women to realise their hidden potential & Be a Power- Beam.

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