Premium Men’s Perfume Brand Upsilon Debuts in Indian Market

Premium Men’s Perfume Brand Upsilon Debuts in Indian Market

Available for men in three exotic fragrances for different occasions.

The market of lifestyle products is expanding rapidly to meet the ever-growing demands of the consumers. Battling between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, consumers are always on the lookout for new and luxurious brands to experiment with. Fragrance being one such lifestyle need is dominated by international players. Due to this, there remains a fair gap between longevity, desired fragrance, and most importantly, the price in the Indian market. To cater these needs, Upsilon, a Made-in-India perfume brand, was recently launched. Fragrances manufactured with utmost finesse, Upsilon is more than just a bottle of perfume, it is a statement.

The three founders- Ravi Dadhaniya, Neeraj Bhensdadia, and Vatsal Vachhani were keen on creating perfumes that reflect reality and put you in the spotlight. Following 2-year-long in-depth research on the currently available offerings in the Indian perfume market and a detailed survey with perfume users across India, the brand launched three premium fragrances – Wild Blue, Golden Sand, and Shooting Star for men. These perfumes are curated specially for everyday events, sports wear, and party wear respectively.

During the launch of Upsilon, Neeraj Bhensdadia, the Co-founder said, “Seeking inspiration from a Greek Alphabet, transliterated as ‘U’, we at Upsilon strive to showcase that the path ahead for everybody is two-way. It is an opportunity for them to take the path that will bring out the best in them. While they do so, our handcrafted elixirs let them cite their story with confidence and charm.”

Wild Blue, Golden Sand, and Shooting Star, the three unique fragrances, are currently available on Upsilon’s official website and e-commerce platforms including Amazon and Flipkart.

The Journey of Upsilon:

During their stay abroad, Neeraj and Vatsal used to keep sending gifts to Ravi in India, some of which were luxury perfumes. Having stacked his cupboard full of perfumes, Ravi was intrigued to learn more about their availability in India, only to find the gap between luxury perfume brands and the Indian consumer market. After extensive research, Ravi realized that more than 50% of luxury perfumes were not available in India, and the remaining were too expensive. Seeing the potential to fill in the gap and to provide the Indian consumer market with premium, long-lasting, and thoughtfully curated fragrances, Ravi discussed the idea to explore possibilities in the perfumery market with Neeraj and Vatsal.

With their vision to be recognized as a leading Made-In-India perfume brand that offers premium fragrances that reflect the unique character of every individual and cater to every occasion, the trio is all set to disrupt the Indian perfumery market with Upsilon.


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