Propaganda and Chhota Hazri Spirits Join Forces to Launch Baagh – A gin that goes beyond being a gin

Propaganda and Chhota Hazri Spirits Join Forces to Launch Baagh - A gin that goes beyond being a gin

New Delhi: Propaganda, a creative company known for pioneering new brands and innovative business models, has teamed up with Chhota Hazri Spirits to introduce Baagh Gin, the first-of-its-kind Indian Craft Gin. Propaganda has crafted a distinctive identity for Baagh Gin, combining a compelling narrative with strategic partnerships, captivating design language, and flawless execution, positioning it as the unrivalled gin brand in India.

Mohamed Rizwan, Founder, and Creative Maven at Propaganda, while commenting on this collaboration, said, “We started out knowing perfectly well that that the world doesn’t need another gin. But we also realised that it was a great way to have a bigger point of view and purpose. The truth is that a gin and tonic is a great way to have meaningful conversations and have a laugh. Baagh is for people who want both. Which we think, is a lot of people.’

Central to Baagh Gin’s brand proposition is a partnership with Balipara Foundation in Assam, which Propaganda was at the heart of facilitating. Baagh will support the foundation’s agro-biodiversity and rewilding efforts with part of the profits from every bottle going towards the foundation. True to its word, the brand has found a fun way to talk about this partnership through its ‘No Planet No Party’ line that’s on the bottle as well as an Instagram campaign. It features friends of the brand in Mumbai, wearing a No Planet No Party t-shirt as a part of its launch in the city.

Speaking about the design treatment of Baagh Gin, Mohamed Rizwan continued, “From very early on, we knew we didn’t want the brand to feel like something you’d find on Pinterest. The bottle in particular had to feel like a collectible, so we commissioned a painting asking Vikas Soni, who painted the murals at Bar Palladio, to make a ‘Baagh’ for us. In the competitive world of gin, we’d like to think we’ve arrived at something that feels really fresh, timeless, and fun.”

About Propaganda

Propaganda is a forward-thinking creative company that works across design, publishing, advertising, and retail. Propaganda works outside of conventional agency structures, working with progressive companies and entrepreneurs to spot opportunities and solve business problems, with ideas that get talked about. In its short time, Propaganda has launched The Postcard Hotel, partnered with the Ministry of Commerce, executed two high profile collaborations between The Postcard Hotel and Nicobar, and LOVEBIRDS and Magnum Double Barrel Whiskey, produced a book on contemporary beauty culture, and worked on global assignments through noon and EMAAR.

Disclaimer: This news post briefly discusses alcohol-related subjects; however, it does not encourage alcohol consumption and is for informational purposes only. Please drink responsibly and adhere to legal drinking age regulations in your area.

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