Sanu Kolakkadath’s Meracars: Challenging Cars24 India as a Formidable Competitor

Sanu Kolakkadath's Meracars Challenging Cars24 India as a Formidable Competitor

Sanu Kolakkadath’s journey from an ordinary family in Kerala to a leading automobile industry entrepreneur is a narrative of determination, innovation, and overcoming significant challenges. As the founder of TeamTech Media Pvt Ltd and the driving force behind Meracars, Sanu has navigated a path filled with obstacles to position his company alongside giants like Mahindra and Cars24.

Humble Beginnings and Bold Aspirations:

Growing up in a modest household, Sanu understood the values of perseverance and resourcefulness early on. These principles guided him through the initial challenges of limited financial resources and the need for more industry connections. His vision was clear: to transform the used car market in India, making it more transparent, efficient, and user-friendly. This vision led to the establishment of TeamTech Media Pvt Ltd, a company dedicated to leveraging technology to revolutionise the auto industry.

Launching Meracars Amidst Fierce Competition:

Breaking into the competitive landscape dominated by well-established players such as Mahindra and Cars24 was no small feat. Sanu’s entry into the market with Meracars required an innovative business model and a strong belief in his team’s capabilities and the quality of service they could deliver. Despite the daunting presence of these industry titans, Sanu did not waver in his confidence. He knew his approach to technology and customer satisfaction would set Meracars apart.

Meracars: A Synthesis of Innovation and Customer Focus

Meracars was conceived to address the specific pain points in the used car industry, such as opaque pricing mechanisms and cumbersome selling processes. By integrating advanced AI technologies for vehicle valuation and inspection (Not released), Meracars offered a level of service and transparency that was not prevalent in the market. This technology-driven approach enabled Meracars to carve out a niche for itself quickly.

Expansion and Establishing a Showroom

Capitalising on its success in the digital realm, Meracars is set to open its first physical showroom in Koduvally, Kerala. This strategic move expands the company’s operational footprint and is a testament to the brand’s growth and acceptance in the market. The showroom in Koduvally will serve as a pivotal hub for Meracars, showcasing its commitment to combining online convenience with offline accessibility.

TeamTech Media Pvt Ltd at a Glance:

  • Founder: Sanu Kolakkadath
  • Industry: Automotive, Technology
  • Services: AI-driven used car valuation, sales platform, vehicle certification and inspection, financing options, and customer support.
  • Headquarters: Kozhikode, Kerala, India
  • First Showroom: Koduvally, Kerala

The upcoming showroom in Koduvally is poised to become a landmark for Meracars. It will further establish the brand’s presence in the automotive sector and underscore its commitment to enhancing customer experience. The showroom represents a physical embodiment of Sanu and his team’s struggles and achievements.

Sanu Kolakkadath, with over a decade of experience, leads TeamTech Media’s new venture, Meracars. This company aims to revolutionise the Indian used car market through technology and innovation. A dream team backs Sanu – Gokul GR, his longtime business partner, serves as COO with his strategic mind. Jithin NM, a college friend, heads marketing, which is crucial for building the Meracars brand. Akhil, another close friend, takes the CTO position. all are holding shares and major roles in the development and execution of Meracars. 

Meracars has quality assurance experts like Vipin, a former Mahindra employee who ensures top-notch vehicle quality. Sararath, with experience at Cars24 and Mahindra Autokart, leads the sales force. This team is further bolstered by ex-Mahindra and Cars24 employees, showcasing industry confidence in Sanu’s vision. With 42 industry-specific applications in the pipeline, Meracars addresses market gaps, targeting solutions that enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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