The Birthing Bliss Empowers Mothers to Experience Natural, Blissful Deliveries

The Birthing Bliss Empowers Mothers to Experience Natural, Blissful Deliveries

Tirupur (Tamil Nadu), [India], May 13, 2024: Childbirth, a fundamental and deeply personal experience, holds a unique perspective for every woman. Recognising the desire for a natural, empowered birthing journey, The Birthing Bliss was founded in 2020. Dr Saravana Priya, an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist, and Dr S Kokila, a pathologist founded this initiative to transform the childbirth experience for mothers seeking a natural delivery. 

Driven by their separate journeys – Dr Priya, with a remarkable track record of over 10,000 successful deliveries, and Dr Kokila, who navigated a challenging Caesarean and its long recovery – both recognised the alarming rise of unnecessary C-sections in India.

The Birthing Bliss created its own Birth Ease Classes, understanding that fear and lack of preparation contribute to painful labour experiences. This rare program combines physical and mental preparation, including natural birth techniques and hypnotherapy, to reprogram the subconscious mind.

The Birthing Bliss stands out for its rare approach:

  • Doctor-Driven Expertise: Led by a gynaecologist and pathologist, The Birthing Bliss offers a unique blend of medical expertise and natural birth knowledge.
  • Reducing Caesarean Rates: Its focus on natural birth preparation aims to combat the rising trend of unnecessary Caesarean sections in India.
  • Mind-Body Approach: The Birth Ease Classes combine physical preparation with hypnotherapy, addressing both the physical and mental aspects of childbirth.

“We saw a growing need to help mothers feel confident and informed about childbirth,” says Dr. Priya. “Our Birth Ease Classes provide women with the tools and knowledge they need to have a natural birth experience, reducing fear and promoting a positive and joyful birthing experience.”

The Birthing Bliss has a remarkable 90% success rate in achieving natural deliveries, with mothers consistently describing their childbirth as “calm,” “beautiful,” and with significantly reduced pain.

  • “I am overjoyed to share my experience,” says a satisfied client. “I implemented all the techniques suggested by Dr Saravana. The practices helped me remain calm throughout my pregnancy & delivery. It showed in my baby too. I am super grateful.”
  • Another client shares, “I had low haemoglobin and fluid levels. Only because of the nutrition and exercises advised by Dr. Saravana, I could deliver normally at 9 months. I had a beautiful birth.”

The Birthing Bliss seeks to extend past solely helping with natural deliveries. It strives to fundamentally change the way people think of labour, replacing fear with faith and empowering women to see natural birth as a positive, uplifting, and happy experience. 

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