“The Tummy Section’s journey from 2 outlets to 15 outlets post pandemic”

“The Tummy Section’s journey from 2 outlets to 15 outlets post pandemic”

Delhi has always had a love affair with food, and The Tummy Section, or TTS as it is fondly called is one of those love stories that has kept Delhiites coming back for more. Founded in 2009 by three friends, Nikhil, Pankaj, and Yash, TTS has truly come a long way since its humble beginnings. When the economic winds shifted in 2008, three of them had to find a new way to survive. They followed their tummies into the food sector and discovered that providing tasty treats could satisfy both appetites – theirs as business owners, and Delhite’s cravings! It was slow going at first but eventually, they built an empire out of deliciousness!

Starting with just a rented kiosk in West Delhi, TTS quickly gained popularity thanks to its unique take on the classic Shawario. The secret to their success was the affordable price and delicious taste, both of which were unbeatable. In fact, the Shawario was so good that people got addicted to it and kept coming back for more. With aspirations to break into the culinary business, Nikhil, Pankaj, and Yash had no idea of the challenges that awaited them.

But there was something unique about their product – Shawario with its secret recipe known only by these three founders- that would become their point of pride!

To get things going they stepped in as Jacks-of-all Trades; from cooking up delicious dishes to taking orders and washing plates — everything chores ran through this trio’s hands! Little did they know then what success lay ahead for them courtesy of Shawario.

But what really sets TTS apart is its chef-free business model. This means that anyone can come in and learn how to make their dishes, making it easy for the TTS family to grow and thrive without any big hassle.

Today, TTS has more than 15 outlets across Delhi and the surrounding areas, a mix of both dine and takeaway outlets, each serving up their signature dishes to satisfied customers. And while their Shawario, maybe what TTS is best known for, their menu has grown over the years and now includes a wide variety of dishes to please every palate. Their menu is vast and well-recognized for pioneering fusion food and delicacies.

Although the brand may have been present in the market for a decade and over, the real growth of Shawario happened in the post-pandemic era. When the world was trying to co-op with the lockdown, TTS was planning a growth beyond imagination. In the last 2 years they went from 2 stores to 15 in Delhi and are now on the way to becoming 25 and conquering the nation too. The rise of Shawario has just started.

But despite its growth and success, TTS has always remained focused on its roots –bringing delicious, affordable food to the people of Delhi. And that’s why their Shawario, as they like to call it, will always be the heart and soul of their business.

So if you’re ever in Delhi and looking for a delicious meal that won’t break the bank, be sure to check out TTS. Whether you’re dining with friends or family, you’re sure to find your perfect match with them. The tale of Shawario is sure to win you over.

Learn more – www.thetummysection.com

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