Xolisa Mgqubeni the founder of Suite Luxe

Xolisa Mgqubeni the founder of Suite Luxe
Xolisa Mgqubeni

Xolisa Mgqubeni Founder and CEO of Suit Luxe, tells a story on how he started his Tailor made suits Brand.

My late grandfather had his own tailoring operation, My grandmother is a retired dressmaker and My mother is a dressmaker. I come from a family that has a special relationship with cloth and assembling it.

I have always been obsessed with the fit, I disliked baggy clothes, and by the age of 13 I already knew how to alter my school pants and shirt to a perfect fit, most of the time I would do those alterations by handwork because my grandmother and my mother share the same sentiment when it comes to their tailoring machines, No ones uses their machines, they were overprotective with their sewing machines hence I resorted to handwork.

Back in university days, the love spark for bespoke suits got into me, and of course, I couldn’t afford bespoke suits and I resorted to ready-to-wear suits as they are relatively cheaper and do my own alterations to a perfect fit and thats when graduation students started asking where do I get my suits, me being a business minded person that I am, instead of telling them where I get my suits I decided to play the intermediary guy, graduation student would pay me to source ready-to-wear suits on their behalf and do alterations to be a perfect fit, I was so obsessed about how a suit should fit to a point that I even had my favourite line “if you can’t invest in a good quality suit then invest in a perfect fit” and that’s how I executed my business back in University.

Now I run my own Suit brand SUIT LUXE specialising in bespoke suits, based in Johannesburg South Africa, we pride ourselves with our luxury craftsmanship and high end fabric selection from the likes of Holland and Sherry, Drago and many more.

We believe that a well-crafted suit from Suit Luxe will give you that ego boost, whether it’s showing up at business meetings to close those businesses deals in style or showing up on your wedding day to compliment your beautiful wife and your day-to-day elegant office/work suits made of breathable, natural stretch luxurious fabrics.

Our team is passionate about style and a great craftsmanship from our team of tailors to our team of stylists and consultants.

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