Australia Based Millionaire Ron Malhotra’s Blazing “Wake-Up Call” Sets Internet on Fire

Australia Based Millionaire Ron Malhotra's Blazing Wake-Up Call Sets Internet on Fire

A viral video from Instagram has now become talk of the town as it apparently draws attention to a very important issue. The video was posted by a popular Instagram page that goes by the name Adultsociety, in which a man, who was later found to be Australia Based Entrepreneur and Educator Ron Malhotra can be seen speaking in the video. The video starts abruptly, and appears to have been trimmed out of a rather larger segment. Malhotra starts off with how in this information-centric world it is so easy to manipulate and play with data. He says that it is very easy to nit-pick things and join them together to form a favourable narrative rather than showing the truth. Well the amount of misinformation and lies that are peddling around the social media, the fact indeed is true.

He then proceeds to speak about the fact people are being fooled to believe that just after going to schools and colleges they have attained whatever they need to know in order to live their lives peacefully. But, Malhotra emphasizes the fact that going to school and colleges is not enough to become self aware and develop critical thinking. Though he clarifies that he’s not trying to create a controversy here but people need to understand the difference between Indoctrination and Education.

Malhotra then pulls out a book titled “Indoctrinated” and says that he is trying to make people aware how their decisions and choices are being influenced. He says that it’s a wake-up call for everyone to realise that they’re being brain washed and thus one must try to develop critical thinking and become self-aware as well. Since being published the video has received thousands of likes and views within a couple of days. The comment section has been filled with mixed reactions with many agreeing to what Ron Malhotra said in the video while others had a different opinion.

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