Invitation to participate in the Global Funding Campaign

Invitation to participate in the Global Funding Campaign

Conducting Body- Angel Kraft Solutions


Funds Sponsored By- Public Financing India

Who can participate in this Campaign?

Any individual or NGOs who are looking for funds and have all the valid documents are allowed to participate in this campaign.


This campaign aims to provide essential funding to NGOs and Individuals to support a wide range of goals, projects, and initiatives aimed at improving lives, advancing causes, and creating positive change in society.


  • The NGO should have a legally recognized and registered status as a non-profit or non-governmental organization in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • The NGO should have at least 1 Year of Existence.
  • If the NGO is less than a year, it should have a valid registration certificate.


  • Individual must be a citizen of India with valid identity card.
  • Individual must have an Indian Bank Account to encash the issued cheque.


  1. New Project Development:

An NGO can start a privately owned or social venture to promote community progress and address social challenges. This initiative blends entrepreneurship with community improvement. The NGO seeks to make profit while improving the community’s economy, society, and ecology. This proactive strategy allows NGOs to develop durable, community-centered solutions to critical issues.

  1. NGO Development:

NGO’s working towards social development are dedicated entities committed to improving the well-being of individuals and communities. They focus on addressing a wide range of social issues, including poverty, education, healthcare, gender equality, and more. These organizations use their resources, expertise, and initiatives to create positive, sustainable changes in society.

  1. Developing Infrastructure:

NGO’s primarily help in development and operation of infrastructure. These organizations purchase land and then use the land for construction of schools, hospitals, wells, public toilets etc. which is used by community at large. They also participate in building shelters for poor and homeless people.

  1. Women Empowerment:

NGOs drive women’s empowerment through education, healthcare, economic initiatives, legal advocacy, and community development. They challenge gender norms, promote leadership, and create opportunities, fostering an environment where women can thrive and assert their rights.

  1. Providing Support:

NGO’s providing daily support items to poor and needy people offer essential assistance like food, clean water, clothing, and basic hygiene supplies to those facing economic hardship.

  1. Organizing Health Camps:

NGO’s organizing health camps for poor and needy people host events where healthcare professionals provide free medical check-ups, treatments, and health education to individuals who may not have regular access to healthcare services.

  1. Enhancing Awareness among People:

NGO’s enhancing awareness among people focus on educating and informing individuals and communities about important social, environmental, or humanitarian issues. They use various methods such as campaigns, workshops, and awareness programs to raise consciousness and understanding of these issues. By doing so, they empower people to make informed decisions, contributing to a more informed and engaged society.

  1. Dissemination of Information:

In areas where government is unable to reach out to people, NGOs help in disseminating information about government schemes, policiesand programs. They help in generating awareness about relevant government projects.


  1. Business Funds: Providing funding or grants to individuals to start or expand their businesses in a large scale/ consulting business/ industries/ factory.
  2. Start of Daily Business: Providing small funding or grants to individuals in impoverished communities to start or expand small businesses, fostering economic independence.
  3. Healthcare/ Medical Support: Supporting access to healthcare services, including medical treatments, medications, and preventive care, for those who cannot afford it.
  4. Education: Offering financial assistance for the education of children and adults from low-income families, including funding for school fees, supplies, and uniforms.
  5. Elderly Support: Providing financial assistance and support services for the elderly, including healthcare, social activities, and housing options tailored to their needs.
  6. Financial Support: Providing financial assistance to meet regular/ daily expenditure for a short span of time.
  7. Housing Assistance: Providing funding for affordable housing initiatives, homeless shelters, or rental assistance programs to help individuals and families secure safe and stable housing or for re- construction.
  8. Employment and Skills Training: Offering funding for vocational training programs, job placement services, and initiatives that empower individuals with the skills needed to secure employment and improve their economic situation.
  9. Basic Needs: Providing funding to meet immediate basic needs such as food, clean water, shelter, and clothing for individuals or families facing financial hardship.
  10. Social Services: Funding programs that offer social support, counseling, and rehabilitation services for vulnerable populations, including those affected by domestic violence, substance abuse, or mental health issues.
  11. Nutrition Programs: Supporting initiatives that provide nutritious food, especially for children and pregnant women, to address issues of malnutrition and promote health.
  12. Legal Aid: Offering financial assistance for legal services to ensure that individuals, especially those in poverty, have access to justice and can protect their rights.
  13. Child Welfare: Funding programs focused on the well-being of children, including orphanages, adoption services, and initiatives to combat child labor and exploitation.


New Project Development Rs. 3 Crores
NGO Development Rs. 2 Crores
Developing Infrastructure Rs. 1 Crores
Women Empowerment Rs. 50 Lakhs
Providing Support Rs. 30 Lakhs
Organizing Health Camps Rs. 15 Lakhs
Enhancing Awareness among People Rs. 7.5 Lakhs
Dissemination of Information Rs. 7.5 Lakhs

Funds Sanctioned [For Individuals]:

Business Funds Rs. 40 Lakhs – Rs. 70 Lakhs
Start of Daily Business Rs. 12 Lakhs
Health Care/ Medical Support Rs. 7 Lakhs
Education Rs. 6 Lakhs
Elderly Support Rs. 6 Lakhs
Financial Support Rs. 6 Lakhs
Housing Assistance Rs. 5 Lakhs
Employment and Skills Training Rs. 3 Lakhs
Basic Needs Rs. 3 Lakhs
Social Services Rs. 2 Lakhs
Nutrition Programs Rs. 2 Lakhs
Legal Aid Rs. 2 Lakhs
Child Welfare Rs. 2 Lakhs

Documents Required [For NGOs]:

ESTABLISHMENT PROOF PAN CARD/ Registration Certificate
BANK PROOF Copy of Passbook, Only Front Page of Bank Account Statement
ADDRESS PROOF Electricity Bill/ Utility Bill


Registration Certificate can include:

We accept any one (1) amongst the listed certificate:

  • PAN Card
  • 80 – G
  • 12 -A
  • NITI Aayog
  • NGO Darpan
  • Society Registration
  • Trust Deed

Documents Required [For Individuals]:

IDENTITY PROOF Aadhar Card/ Voter ID/ Driving License/ Passport
EMPLOYMENT PROOF Ration Card/ BPL Card/ Salary Slip
ADDRESS PROOF Aadhar Card/ Passbook/ Driving License/ Passport
BANK PROOF Copy of Passbook/ Front Page of Bank Account Statement
  • For Healthcare/ Medical Support- Prescription/ Estimation Letter from the Hospital
  • For Education- School/ College/ University Admission Form
  • Start of Daily Business/ Business Funds- Estimation Letter
  • For all Other Purposes- Declaration Letter


In order to ensure that the information we have collected comes from reliable and credible sources, our Dedicated Team thoroughly reviews everything. In addition, the documents that you have submitted will be scrutinized in detail. The Applicants are requested to upload all the documents required for the purpose of verification.


  • Payment to be made only after receiving the soft copy of the cheque to the registered mail id.
  • Purpose of Payment:

This Payment is being made towards the service rendered by the company.

  • Mode of Payment:
  • Online Transfer (RTGS/ IMPS)
  • Cheque Deposit
  • Demand Draft
  • UPI


This funding is being given as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility activity. Beneficiaries are not required to repay any amount issued to them and are further requested to use the funds only for the purpose as stated in the application form.


The Utilization Report along with the Bills has to be submitted to Angel Kraft Solutions on or before 31st March, 2025.


STAGE- 1: Application to be filled by the applicant. And the required documents has to be uploaded.

STAGE-2: 1st round of verification process will be initiated.

STAGE-3: (If selected), applicant receives the soft copy of the bank cheque in the registered mail id within 5- 6 working days.

STAGE- 4: Processing fees to be paid by the applicant. (Within 24 hours after receiving the soft copy of the bank cheque.)

STAGE-5: Hard copy of the cheque is sent via courier to the postal address. (10 days before the date of clearance)

STAGE-6: Cheque can be encashed anytime within 3 months from the date of clearance.


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