Lounge Fashion Week by MagicDust Creations: A Spectacular Showcase of Plus Size Designer Somwya Sharma’s Collection

Lounge Fashion Week by MagicDust Creations A Spectacular Showcase of Plus Size Designer Somwya Sharma's Collection

The fashion industry witnessed a remarkable evening at the Lounge Fashion Week, presented and organized by Magicdust Creations. This extravagant event, held at Level 21 Noida, showcased the innovative designs of Plus Size Designer Somwya Sharma, challenging traditional standards of beauty and style.

The runway came alive with a diverse ensemble of models, celebrating body positivity and inclusivity. Among them, Deepanshu Chaudhary dazzled as the show opener, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening. The show stoppers, Anuj Pandey, Gaurav Middha, and Akash Kaushik, captivated the audience with their charisma and style.

On the women’s side, the runway was graced by the elegance of Ashmeen Anand, the show opener, and followed by an ensemble of talented models, including Manmeet Khurana, Ruby Singh, Shreya Tyagi, Saloni Gupta, Honey Goel, Garima Agrawal, Sonali Kuandal, Neha Chaudhary, Sushma Panchal, and Aditi Rana, who lit up the event as show stoppers.

MagicDust Creations brought this event to life with meticulous planning and execution. Show Director Akanksha Gupta orchestrated a seamless show that left the audience in awe.

The event saw valuable partnerships from brands that supported the message of inclusivity in the fashion world. Hype, the Footwear Partner, and Srs Fresh Food, the Frozen Food Partner, contributed to the grandeur of the occasion. Umbrella WeR4U, the Supporting Partner, and Empowering Plus, the Magazine Partner, played pivotal roles in championing body positivity.

Drishti Prabha, the Media Partner, and Brown Rich Media, the Publication Partner, ensured the event’s extensive coverage. Fabulous She, the Supporting Publication Partner, further amplified the message of diversity and empowerment.

The runway was a canvas for creativity, and the models’ beauty was enhanced by the talented team from Lakme Academy powered by Aptech, the Hair & Makeup Partner.

Level 21 Noida, the Venue Partner, provided a stunning backdrop for the evening’s festivities.

The Lounge Fashion Week by Magic Dust Creations was not just a fashion event; it was a celebration of diversity, self-confidence, and the breaking of stereotypes in the fashion industry. Plus Size Designer Somwya Sharma’s collection left an indelible mark on the runway, reminding everyone that fashion knows no size.

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