“Mumbai-based company CHOKSHI EMPRESSA to introduce a new category of kitchen accessories”

“Mumbai-based company CHOKSHI EMPRESSA presents a new category of kitchen accessories”

It is rightly said that ‘Good kitchenware is the basis to the beginning of finger-licking good food’ and so the creation of such deliciousness starts from square one, i.e. the kitchen utensils. While it’s necessary to find the perfect kitchenware, it is often tedious and time consuming to find one that fits all the criteria’s of our want.

Keeping in mind and visualising to solve and ease up the process of at least finding the perfect kitchenware appliance, Chokshi Empressa is leading the markets with their all in one platform for all the kitchen needs.

Based in Mumbai, India Chokshi Empressa was founded by Harsh Chokshi in 2018 and since then they have been successfully running their business and selling cost-friendly kitchenware products across various places through different websites and apps such as Amazon and Flipkart. They own their primary headquarters in Kandivali, west Mumbaiand also have their online kitchenware shopping website www.Chokshiempressa.com

After being in business for 5 years, Chokshi Empressa’s Founder and CEO Harsh Chokshi confirmed the expansion of their product base i.e. they will be entering a new category of kitchenware which will be the additions to Porcelain and stoneware utensils and appliances. These are bound to take our Dining Experience to a whole different level. Since porcelain and stoneware utensils are made from fired clay and stone, they are the most durable earthenware kitchen utensils.

Their services are sufficiently affordable with many kitchen Category such as Knives, Bakery products, Choppers, Kitchen tools, Cutlery, etc.

From a range of dining collections for the perfect solution for dining and hosting, knives which suit our kitchen style, bakeware with the products that’d make one fall in love with baking, to a variety of kitchen tools which makes our cooking and serving enjoyable and tranquil.

Cooking is not just a means of preparing food, it has its own essence, its own fun and aesthetic that provides the chef pleasure. It’s a form of art, one which as the human race we have an essentialism to relate to. Therefore, it’s important, and most significantly necessary, the way we curate our art to its most authentic and delicious form, which here, starts from getting or buying yourself the perfect sets of kitchen utensils.

To provide their customers with a wide and expandable limitless exposure to availability of every possible crockery within their ease of optimisable demand and grasp, Chokshi Empressa is determined to provide for this expansion through their timely introduction of new and substantial products.

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