Prestigious GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2022 goes to Dr. Shreyasee Konar!

Prestigious GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2022 goes to Dr. Shreyasee Konar!

Starting with a positive thought by Abraham Lincoln: “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”

In today’s day and age, every successful person is being pulled down due to envy or other incompetence, while it is only the most honest and fearless gems that still manage to leave a mark with their immense contribution worldwide. One such inspirational personality is Dr. Shreyasee Konar, who has recently been honored with the highly prestigious GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2022 from the United States of America.

An Honorary Doctorate in Global Influence, Certified Global Woman, Therapeutic Art, Entrepreneurship & Business Coach – Dr. Shreyasee Konar is a Global Award-Winning Artist, CEO, Creative Entrepreneur & Thought Leader. Despite several challenges, she has made immense contribution in the fields of Art, Design and Entrepreneurship worldwide. Highly respected and viewed as an Ideal Role Model, she is currently studying Neuro Linguistic Programming from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. Owing to her passion towards writing and poetry, the World Premiere of her poem – ‘Ruckus of Existence’ took place recently, an intelligent creative commentary on chaos in modern society. Following the theme is her inclination towards the artistic movement – Abstract Expressionism, depicted in her short films ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’ and ‘Blues and brush strokes’.

Want to get inspired? View her detailed portfolio at or search ‘Dr Shreyasee Konar’

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