Rahil Khan Empowers Women with Self-Cupping Kit Launch at National Championship, Praised by Nikat Zareen

Rahil Khan Empowers Women with Self-Cupping Kit Launch at National Championship Praised by Nikat Zareen

Rahil Khan, recently launched the Self Cupping Kits under his brand Meridian Care at the 6th Women’s National Championship Bhopal. The launch was attended by Boxing World Champion Nikhat Zareen, who praised the initiative for making conventional cupping therapy portable for athlete’s self use to aid instant muscle recovery.

On this occasion, the duo also launched Meridian Care t-shirts, which aim to empower athletes and spread awareness about the importance of physical and mental health and encourage people to adopt alternative therapies and yoga and elevate the standard of sports in India. The brand aspires to provide individuals with the information, skills, and tools they need to succeed in the 21st century.

In addition to these products, Khan is also working to empower women through wellness programs and is taking this mission forward, through Certification and Training courses for women on digital platforms. In the times of ever changing new ideas, the focus is on rebuilding the existing proven techniques creating healthy communities through evidence-based, results-driven, and cost-effective fitness models. “Our aim is to empower women through wellness training programmes as we believe in the importance of providing equal access to opportunities for all, in the hope to bring about positive changes in the health and fitness industry.” says Rahil Khan

Aligned with the vision, that the peace from yoga is not merely for individuals, but for the entire society, Meridian Care has been working closely with reputed experts to build awareness regarding various career prospects in the field of yoga and alternative healthcare, through relevant content and curriculum, courses, delivered through private live mentorship programs that provides professional advice and coaching includes 1-on-1 personalized instruction, hands-on training, and mentorship from experienced yoga and fitness professionals. Visit www.meridiancare.in for more updates on eligibility, course updates and training.

Meridian Care intends to revolutionize the fitness industry standard and enable millions of individuals in India and globally from all backgrounds to play active roles in creating healthy communities and help in creating more career opportunities for youth in this domain.

Visit Website: http://www.meridiancare.in

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