Sarafa Bazar India: Connecting B2B Jewellery Market Digitally

Sarafa Bazar India: Connecting B2B Jewellery Market Digitally

The Indian jewellery market is amongst the biggest in the world. It is one of the top gems and jewellery consuming countries in the world. It has been hub of gems and jewellery since ancient times and this market is expanding manifolds.

However the Indian gems and jewellery market is still dominated by the unorganized sector. There are over 2.5 million jewellery shops in India which are mostly family run and do not have any established brand names. So to increase their market presence, digitization was a great solution. But it was big question that how will that happen in this particular industry because it was more about the brick and mortar store approach. Also it was difficult for every commercial unit to go digital individually.

Thanks to the innovative approaches of today’s youth, ‘SARAFA BAZAR India’ has been developed to help the manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers to come together on a single platform. It is an online portal wherein the jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers can showcase their products virtually and make new connections with the retailers across India.

Now they can have a wide and significant presence across different states. It has revolutionized the traditional mode of Jewellery Marketing. It ensures engaging with the customer is easier, more cost-efficient and higher business sustainability even in existing pandemic conditions. It is especially a great opportunity, and much needed step, especially for small and medium-sized jewellers who do not have a strong brand presence.

Team ‘Sarafa Bazar India’, believes in providing the best experiences to customers by taking off their pressure of travelling to different states and saving their precious time. They are helping the customers increase their reach and better business growth.

Customers can have a wide variety of choice of designs just on a simple click.

Jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are welcoming this digital solution and the team has experienced high levels of customer satisfaction through its online marketing experience. Already the members have unleashed their massive potential by generating over 75 crores business revenue.

Since its launch, SARAFA BAZAR has grown into a community of 50,000+ website users and 8000+ app installers which clearly shows the willingness of the industry to adapt to the technology implementation in this market.

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