The Inspiring Girl- Dishita Chaudhary

The Inspiring Girl- Dishita Chaudhary
Dishita Chaudhary

Dishita Chaudhary, a Punjabi girl from Chandigarh, at the tender age of 22 years is a successful entrepreneur. She is doing  her master’s from University of Melbourne, specializing in law and has a keen interest in the digital world. Born and brought up in a middle-class household with eyes full of dreams, Dishita worked her way out to make it all come true. Covid made us anxious, and panicky but she managed to use her time wisely. Amidst a global pandemic, she started her company in the companionship of a friend. Despite facing losses in the initial stages, she had a vision for the company. With immense hard work and talent being used, today Insyncdigitals is at its peak in barely 1.5 years.

Insyncdigitals is a digital marketing firm that tends to manage celebrities and influencers. The niche is the firm being influencer marketing, brand collaborations, celebrity management, handling public relations and so much more. With in-depth industry expertise in the respective domain, they have emerged as a competitive player in rendering end-to-end solutions to create rewarding opportunities for brands and businesses. The firm brings to you the latest marketing tools, techniques, and targeted digital marketing strategy tailored exclusively for your business or brand. Every business has a unique structure and goals. Therefore, this firm provides an exclusive and effective strategy personalized to meet your business goals, making them the leading performance marketing company in Mumbai. Insyncdigitals, having successfully completed more than 500 deals with prestigious brands like sugar cosmetics, coco-cola, Renne, acne star, mankind, etc, is one of a kind. Also has strong connections with top Bollywood celebrities, Television actors, the Punjabi Industry, and over 10k+ influencers and YouTubers.

Being a woman in the digital world is not always easy, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and courage. Despite being born in not-so-fortunate circumstances, Dishita’s parents managed to raise her in a happy and fulfilling environment. She feels extremely grateful to her parents and owes her success to them. The family has had faith in the company ever since the beginning. Her parents are the biggest cheerleaders and supporters of Insyncdigitals. In each step that she takes forward, her parents are helping hands.

A role model is a successful person worth emulating in life. In today’s world, role models are even more important for the youth to look up to. Dishita Chaudhary is one of them, the one who motivates us to live our lives with maximum potential and not stop till our goal is achieved. We need more women like her to come in front and start their ventures to fulfill once saw dreams. She never gave up in her life and proved out to be more responsible than a son for her family. There is nothing in this entire world which a girl can’t do. Her page is a 10\10 recommendation to follow.

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